Management by abdication destroyed Logan’s Roadhouse. Abdication is the failure to fulfill responsibility akin to disowning, renouncing or relinquishing. Logan’s Roadhouse disowned hospitality by over franchising. Blinded by ambition, executives renounced market demand. Logan’s opened 230 units while accumulating $416,000,000 in debt.

There is nothing Roadhouse about Logan’s Roadhouse. The Salty Dog Saloon in Alaska is a Roadhouse. The Smog Cutter in LA is a Roadhouse. Snake and Jakes Christmas Lounge in New Orleans is a Roadhouse. They are mean, loud, rowdy and unfranchisable. All three are abundantly successful, owner operated and management by abdication is nowhere to be found.

Management By Abdication Destroyed Logan's Roadhouse

Logan’s Roadhouse is not mean, loud or rowdy. It’s a glorified steakhouse whose attempt to replace mean, loud and rowdy with a “Classic Take on Delicious Steak” failed.

Per their website, “There’s a fire burning here. Not just the flame grill that’s deep rooted in this steakhouse. Not just our warm, friendly vibe bringing folks together for good times. Our signature recipes start from scratch in our kitchen. Every bite designed to sing a song to your taste buds. Every meal delivered with that renowned southern hospitality. It kind of feels like home, well that is if you’re throwing one serious house party.” Logan’s Roadhouse, “Where Steak Rules the Road.”

What road? Chapter 11 Avenue on the corner of  Debt and Destruction?

Management by abdication rendered hospitality obsolete by focusing on quantity over quality. Excellent service, collosal steaks and great drinks are profit pillars. Service, steaks and drinks suffer when quantity overshadows quality.

Customers have spoken by casting ballots to eat elsewhere. The election is over. Logan’s Roadhouse is bankrupt.