• Provide Vice President of Development weekly metrics to monitor operations.
  • Implemented productivity based scheduling reducing FOH / BOH Labor by 24%.
  • Active participant in FOH / BOH hiring, training, coaching, counseling & termination.
  • Eclipsed YTD sales projections by18% through hands on operational involvement
  • Drafted company wide operating procedures and FOH / BOH guidelines.
  • Increased Gross Profit Margin per Bottle, Pint and Pitcher 16% by standardizing company wide financial margin formulas for Draft and Craft Beer pricing.
  • Implemented company wide systems for staffing, scheduling, ordering, receiving, conducting Inventory, determining COGS, administering payroll, disputing chargebacks and forecasting daily sales to determine weekly budgets.
  • Conduct Daily Comp, Spill, Void, Cash Handling and Safe Audits.
  • Successfully restored two underperforming units to profitability within (12) months.